Automobile and Truck Accidents

Automobile accidents have become commonplace as Florida roadways become more crowded and people continue to rely on automobiles as the primary method of transportation. Small and large trucks are still quite prevalent around the state of Florida and unfortunately, these multi-ton vehicles often cause accidents resulting in destroyed vehicles and serious injuries. Furthermore, mobile technology such as cellular phones, radios and GPS devices – designed to assist us in daily life – actually cause more distractions while driving, leading to an increase in accidents. As a result, there are over 340,000 accidents annually in south Florida which can lead to serious physical, emotional and financial effects on victims and their families.

In the event of an auto accident, immediately call the police. Often times people think it is not necessary to involve the police and too much of a hassle, however, it is absolutely crucial. A police report should be made to help the insurance companies determine who was at fault and whether proper coverages exist to compensate for your injuries and automobile damage. If possible, obtain names, photographs (this is where mobile technology does assist us) and other information from involved parties and witnesses.

While we always recommend being seen by a medical doctor immediately after the accident (hospitals are usually a short trip from any accident location), be sure to call our office as soon as possible. Be sure not to admit fault, regardless of what may have occurred, and do not speak with insurance companies; keep in mind they have their own financial interests at heart, and not yours. We will aggressively represent your interests ranging from the repair of your vehicle, the securing of a rental vehicle, compensation for your injuries and, if applicable, reimbursement for lost wages.

Remember, the telephone call to our offices and all advice given is free of charge; we will come to you if you are unable to come to our offices, and we will never receive any compensation or payment unless you get paid. Please contact us today ia telephone at (954) 870-5479 or email at to discuss all of your legal concerns. We will always keep in touch with you every step of the way throughout your case and respond to all telephone calls and Emails; you will never be left wondering what is occurring with your case and you will never be told we are too busy to speak with you.

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